1 Jan 1970

New standards for occupational health and safety

BSI has published BS OHSAS 18002:2008, 'Occupational health and safety management systems. Guidelines for the implementation of BS OHSAS 18001:2007.' As its name suggests, BS OHSAS 18002 will help users to apply the principles laid down in BS OHSAS 18001 and, therefore, meet their occupational health and safety (OH&S) objectives, control their OH&S risks and improve their OH&S performance.

In common with other management systems in use today, organisations must not only achieve certain performance levels but they must also be able to demonstrate that the levels have been achieved. While this sounds simple, there is no denying that published guidelines - such as BS OHSAS 18002 - make creating a system from scratch much more straightforward.

Another important aspect of BS OHSAS 18002 is that it helps organisations to make ongoing improvements to their OH&S management system and, ultimately, their OH&S performance.

The second of the two new OH&S publications from BSI is BS 18004:2008, 'Guide to achieving effective occupational health and safety performance.' This will help users to establish an OH&S management system to control risks to personnel and other parties who could be exposed to OH&S hazards associated with the organisation's activities. Furthermore, BS 18004 will assist users in implementing, maintaining and continually improving their OH&S management system, and help them demonstrate commitment to good practice, including self-regulation and continual improvement in OH&S performance.

Copies of BS OHSAS 18002:2008 (ISBN 978 0 580 62686 9) and BS 18004:2008 (ISBN 978 0 580 52910 8) are available through Pilz Automation Technology, which is an Official BSI Distributor.

Please contact Pilz to request more information about purchasing copies of BS OHSAS 18002:2008, BS 18004:2008 and other British Standards.


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