1 Jan 1970

Software performs safety calculations

Pilz Automation Technology is introducing PAScal, a software package for performing the calculations required when designing safety-related machine control systems in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 or EN IEC 62061. This tool makes it much easier to ensure compliance with the standards' requirements, plus it helps to save both time and costs. A graphical interface makes PAScal intuitive, and it is easy to visualise the safety system architecture - which is an important element in helping to avoid errors.

PAScal enables the user to break down the safety functions into sub-systems (such as sensors, inputs, outputs, actuators and logic), calculate the overall probability of a dangerous failure per hour (PFHD), and verify the data with the prescribed performance level (EN ISO 13849-1) or safety integrity level (EN IEC 62061). The software can take into account possible alternative architectures and variations in the way components are connected together and parameterised. When designing to EN 13849-1, the calculator evaluates common-cause failures (CCF) and diagnostic coverage (DC) by considering factors such as shorts between contacts or synchronicity monitoring on multi-channel sensors.

Underpinning the calculator is a database that contains a comprehensive set of data for Pilz safety products. Users can add to this database if they wish to design control systems with other components for which they possess the relevant numerical data.

Reports can be produced for project documentation, and data can be reused in new projects. In both cases, valuable time savings can accrue.

This latest release of PAScal is version 2. Compared with version 1 (which was not offered in the UK), version 2 adds the capability to perform calculations in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 13849-1, plus it benefits from an improved user interface.

Please contact Pilz if you wish to request a demo version of the PAScal software.


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