1 Jan 1970

New operating manual for Pilz AC servo motors

Pilz has rewritten the operating manuals for its PMCtendo AC1-4 servo motors and combined them in a single document, which makes it much easier for customers who use more than one type of motor.

The manual, which can be downloaded as a 1.1MB PDF file, contains everything that the user will need. Within the 88-page document there are sections covering safety, function description, transport and storage, installation, wiring, commissioning, and maintenance and repair. There are also appendices with technical details such as performance data, mechanical data and dimensioned drawings.

Pilz offers four different series of three-phase synchronous servo motor to suit various applications: the PMCtendo AC1 servo motors are for universal use and are characterised by large power ratings; the PMCtendo AC2 motors are for general applications; the PMCtendo AC3 motors offer improved dynamics thanks to a low moment of inertia; and the PMCtendo AC4 motors are compact, highly dynamic units.

In addition to the servo motors, Pilz also offers a range of servo amplifiers.

Copies of the PMCtendo AC1-4 servo motor operating manual can be downloaded or contact Pilz to request more information about the PMC range of servo motors and amplifiers.


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