1 Jan 1970

Expert support for implementing safety systems

Pilz Automation Technology offers a broad range of services relating to machinery safety, starting from risk assessments and progressing through consultancy and design. In addition, Pilz can assist with installing and commissioning machinery, ensuring that safety-related control systems are properly implemented and tested.

Engineers from Pilz benefit from a wealth of experience gained with a variety of different types of control system used across a broad range of industries. A comprehensive competence management system means that Pilz always knows exactly which of its engineers and consultants are in possession of the necessary skills. If need be, Pilz Automation Technology in the UK can also call on experts from other Pilz subsidiary companies around the world to assemble a team that is matched to the project's requirements.

Depending on the client's capabilities and needs, Pilz can undertake the project planning and project management, selection of suppliers and contractors, and installation and testing of electrical and safety-related control systems. Support can also be provided for commissioning, as well as training of operators and maintenance personnel.

Clients can additionally benefit form other related services, such as checking to ensure that CE marked machinery really does meet the requirements of the Machinery Directive, and ESPE certification of safety light curtain installations. Pilz can also validate safety-related control system designs and software used in configurable or programmable safety systems.

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