1 Jan 1970

Validation service ensures functional safety of machines

As safety-related control systems become increasingly complex, it gets harder to be certain that the functional safety aspects have been both designed correctly and built correctly. To help customers with this, Pilz offers a safety validation service - or safety sign-off service.

Drawing on decades of experience in validating safety equipment on a broad variety of machinery, Pilz has developed a structured method for inspecting the safety-critical elements of plant and machinery to enable the suitability of the safety measures to be validated. The validation process includes the following steps covering the documentation, software and hardware:

• Evaluate the components selected
• Assess the existing design versus safety requirements
• Perform a function test and fault simulation
• Test safety-related software and hardware functions
• Check sensor and actuator installation and wiring configuration
• Produce a test report detailing the validation results

If safety light curtains are installed on the machine, an ESPE inspection is likely to be included.

Safety validation services are equally applicable to machinery that is new, modified, upgraded, retrofitted or newly integrated with other machinery. Pilz has engineers and consultants available to provide safety validation services, and a formal competence management scheme ensures that all of the personnel working on a safety validation project possess the necessary competences.

Please contact Pilz to request more information about safety validation services.


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