1 Jan 1970

Machinery risk assessment services

Risk assessments are encountered in almost every walk of life, even for crossing the road. But when it comes to machinery, a formal risk assessment needs certain requirements to be fulfilled, and the person performing the risk assessment must be competent to do so.

In particular, there is a British/European/International standard, BS EN ISO 14121-1:2007 (Safety of machinery - Risk assessment - Part 1: Principles). Although adhering to this standard is not mandatory, it is strongly advised.

Typically a risk assessment will be performed when CE marking a machine in accordance with the requirements of the Machinery Directive, but a risk assessment may also be carried out as part of a PUWER assessment (in compliance with the UK's Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998) or when machinery or work equipment is being upgraded, modified or interlinked to other machinery.

While some companies have personnel who are competent to perform formal risk assessments on machinery, others appreciate that they lack the competence and therefore need support from consultants. There are also occasions when companies are busy and do not have the resources available when required, or they may choose to use an independent service provider for this critical task.

For any of these scenarios, the consultancy division of Pilz Automation Technology can undertake risk assessments on machines or machine designs in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 14121-1:2007. Each assessment identifies the hazards present, estimates and evaluates the risks, and determines and outlines the measures that may be applied to reduce the risks to acceptable levels.

As part of the risk assessment, the consultants identify applicable standards, regulations and best industry practises, prepare a statement of the machine's limits, and examine all hazards throughout the relevant machine lifecycle phases.

Because the Pilz consultants have decades of experience of machine safety, their advice relating to risk-reduction measures is particularly useful. This is in contrast to some other consultants that can highlight problems but are unable to advise on pragmatic, cost-effective risk-reduction measures.

Furthermore, if the client requires ongoing support, Pilz can provide engineering services to take the safety concept forward, and even supply products to implement a safety-related control and monitoring system. Alternatively, the client can take the consultants' risk assessment report and carry out the necessary work in-house or work with a third-party supplier or system integrator of their choice.

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