1 Jan 1970

Intelligent diagnostics halve machine restart time

PVIS aims to reduce machine downtime to a minimum. If a fault occurs, features such as plain text messages with precise information on the location, clearly defined responsibilities, and an integrated 'root cause' display all ensure that production is quickly restarted.

Messages can be displayed on a compact PMImicro diag diagnostic unit or, alternatively, customers can use a PMIvisu graphics operator terminal, for which additional software is required. A further option is to use the PVIS OPC Server with PVIS ActiveX control to display messages on any Windows-based PC or visualisation platform.

PVIS supports the following Pilz control systems: PNOZmulti software-configurable modular safety controllers, PSS (programmable safety system) control systems (or 'safety PLCs'), the PSSuniversal modular control and remote I/O platform, and the SafetyBUS p safe fieldbus system.

For PSS, PSSuniversal and SafetyBUS p systems, configuration is carried out via PSS WIN-PRO software; diagnostics for the PNOZmulti are configured using the PNOZmulti Configurator. As the diagnostics are so easy to configure, the PVIS saves significant time and money for the system integrator.

Full system messages, plus the texts for error messages and instructions for remedial action, are included in six languages. Safety functions can also be programmed in a choice of languages, so any modifications can be made with minimal extra effort. In addition, PVIS enables users to create diagnostic messages that are specific to an application; managers and system builders can therefore apply their expertise to help operatives and maintenance personnel rectify faults without having to consult control system experts.

PVIS continually evaluates the status of the control system and, in the case of a fault, identifies the root cause, allocates responsibilities, and displays plain text messages and instructions for remedial action. And because the root cause of the fault is identified, no effort is wasted in attempting to resolve the 'wrong' problem. "As far as a machine restart is concerned, we can assume a total time saving of up to 50 per cent", says Jochen Streib, Product Manager at Pilz.


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