1 Jan 1970

New standard for technical product specifications

This now includes references to relevant standards published during 2005 and the first few months of 2006.

BS 8888:2006 is described by BSI as 'an integrated engineering reference tool for product development and manufacturing technical specification documents'. It provides designers, engineers and quality managers with a roadmap for the preparation of all forms of technical product documentation. The requirements set out in the new revision include some commentary and recommendations on technical matters considered helpful to users.

Developed in response to worldwide business and industry trends, BS 8888 is said to be valuable for companies that are outsourcing/subcontracting to reduce fixed-cost overheads, as well as those that have global manufacturing operations and need to avoid language-related problems. A properly formulated product specification can also be beneficial when advanced manufacturing techniques require digital data transfer, and when sophisticated metrology systems are employed.

Using BS 8888 encourages a common system, language and understanding in technical product specifications. It helps designers to order their output so that a product concept will be fully realised through the manufacturing process. Conforming to the standard ensures relevant people have access to one reference source with all of the information required, speak the same language when specifying and graphically representing products, and avoid ambiguities. In addition, the standard helps the smooth transition from design concept to manufacturing, leading to shorter product development programmes and savings in time and money.

BS 8888:2006 (ISBN 0 580 49398 9) supersedes BS 8888:2004, which is withdrawn, and is priced at £148.

Another new standard that is likely to appeal to the same audience is BS 8887-1:2006, 'Design for manufacture, assembly, disassembly and end-of-life processing (MADE). Part 1, General concepts, process and requirements'.

BS EN 8887-1 outlines the requirements for the preparation, content and structure of design output and the preparation of related technical product specification (TPS) and documentation for the manufacture, assembly, disassembly and end-of-life processing (MADE) of products.

BS 8887 is appropriate to all types of manufacturing and primarily identifies and specifies the use of ISO standards relevant to design for manufacture. It identifies and describes methodologies and conventions appropriate to the preparation of documentation, and it provides guidance on the application of principles and techniques to assist the designer in the preparation of unambiguous instructions commensurate with the perceived complexity, role and life of the intended product.

BS EN 8887-1:2006 (ISBN 0 580 49335 0) is priced at £128.

For more information visit www.bsi-global.com/BS8888 and www.bsi-global.com/BS8887

Pilz Automation Technology is an official BSI distributor, so either of the above standards can be ordered directly from Pilz.


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