1 Jan 1970

Safety Advice - Low Voltage Directive

Low Voltage Directive

The LVD is officially known as The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994. The regulation states that all electrical equipment must be safe and that there should be no risk in its use, other than residual risks that have been minimised. Where possible, the equipment should carry a warning against these risks, and if this is not practical, the warning should be placed in the operating manual.

As with the Machinery Directives, to comply with the regulations of the LVD, Technical Documentation and a Declaration of Conformity must be supplied with the equipment. The product must also carry the CE mark.

Technical Documentation

The documentation should enable the enforcement authorities to endorse the product as conforming with the requirements of the LVD. The Technical Documentation should consist of:

  • A general description of the equipment
  • Basic design drawings of the product, including drawings of sub-systems and assemblies; these could be photographs, assembly drawings and/or control circuit diagrams, and should carry details of the product type to which they relate, along with the year of manufacture.
  • Information to enable both the drawings and the operation of the equipment to be understood (this information can be gleaned from the instructions for use).
  • A list of the standards applied.
  • Details of any design calculations and information on any tests or examinations carried out.
  • Results of any test reports.

Declaration of Conformity

The document must contain:

  • The name and address of the manufacturer or authorised representative in the community.
  • A description of the product.
  • A list of the standards applied.
  • The identity of the signatory, with details of their relationship with, or position in, the supply organisation.
  • The address of the signatory, if different from that of the manufacturer. The last two digits of the year in which the CE mark was affixed.

Key Standards for LVD:

Pilz Consulting can assess your equipment to ensure that it applies with the regulations stipulated in the LVD, and if necessary, can assist in producing the Technical Documentation and the Declaration of Conformity.  Training courses on the regulations are also available to develop your own understanding of key regulations.

  • EN 60204-1 Safety of Machinery.
    Electrical equipment of machines.
    Specification for general requirements.
  • EN 60335-1, Part 1: General Requirements.
    Safety of household appliances and similar electrical goods. Please be aware that there are 60 sub-sections to this standard, giving detailed requirements for specific equipment. A list is available from the DTI.
  • EN 60947-1, Part 1: General Requirements.
    Low voltage switchgear and controlgear.
  • EN 60598-1, Part 1: General Requirements and Tests.
  • EN 60730-1, Part 1: General Requirements.
    Automatic electrical controls for household use, and similar.

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