1 Jan 1970

Fourth-generation operator interfaces offer more for less

Building on the success of the previous touchscreen PMI ranges, the fourth-generation Pilz operator interface and diagnostic display units offer improved performance, yet they are now more competitively priced.

Both the PMIvisu and PMIopen series are available in the fourth-generation specification, with the PMIvisu models being suitable for diagnostics and visualisation with PNOZmulti modular safety systems, PSS programmable safety and control systems and SafetyBUS p networks. Furthermore, thanks to the use of standardised interfaces, the fourth-generation PMIvisu units can be used as graphics systems for all common programmable logic controllers (PLCs). If custom software needs to be run on the display, then the versatile PMIopen operator terminals can be specified.

The main feature of the fourth-generation units is the new hardware platform that features a high-performance 624MHz CPU with 128MB of RAM and 64MB of Flash memory. Brighter, high-contrast TFT displays have also been incorporated to improve legibility, and the LPT, VGA and USB interfaces that were previously optional are now integrated as standard. Ethernet (10/100Mbit/s) and dual serial ports are also standard, and customers can retrofit fieldbus modules for use with Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus DP and CANopen. The new models are fully backward-compatible with the third-generation PMIvisu and PMIopen units, which makes it simple to upgrade to the improved models or replace units that have suffered damage.

While the panel cutout dimensions are unchanged, the housing has been redesigned so that the signal earth is separated from the housing earth, which makes it possible to monitor for earth faults on the control cabinet.

Typical application areas for the new PMI units include diagnostics on PSS programmable safety systems, PNOZmulti modular safety systems and SafetyBUS p networks, as well as visualisation of plant and machinery. An interesting feature is that the capability to use multiple PLC drivers simultaneously means that the same unit can be configured to monitor both control and safety systems. To meet the needs of different applications, the PMI is available with 6.5inch, 10.4inch, 12.1inch and 15inch displays.

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