1 Jan 1970

Pilz redefines the emergency stop pushbutton

The PITestop family introduces many unique features that enhance safety and improve the speed with which operated pushbutton switches can be identified.

The PITestop range of mushroom-headed emergency and area stop pushbutton switches is available with a wide range of options. An enclosed version is provided for surface mounting and there is a version for panel mounting with an actuator designed to fit a 22.5mm diameter cutout. The actuator incorporates a 30mm diameter mushroom head and a distinctive bezel design which has either a coloured indicator ring or LED illumination to show when the pushbutton has been operated. A further option is a black mushroom-headed actuator for use where a stop command is required for an area shutdown.

All of the Pilz emergency stop and area shutdown pushbutton switches have a mushroom-shaped actuator and can be twist-to-release (with twist-to-release in either direction) or key-released. Furthermore, both enclosed surface-mounting and panel-mounting versions are available, and the safety contact blocks have either one or two normally-closed contacts, plus an additional normally-open contact can be specified for signalling the status of the pushbutton switch. Customers can therefore select the actuator type, mounting style and contact block to exactly match the application requirements.

The panel-mount version is provided with a special safety contact block that has an additional monitoring contact which operates if the contact block becomes detached from the actuator. This contact causes a stop signal to be given to the safety related controls, thereby ensuring that the detached contact block is detected and unsafe operation of the equipment is prevented.

High-quality electrical contacts enable the reliable switching of very low currents and voltages (1mA and 5V), making the switches suitable for use in all safety control circuits incorporating electromechanical safety relays, Pilz state-of-the-art PNOZelog electronic safety relays, Pilz PNOZmulti programmable safety controller, and Pilz PSS programmable safety systems. In addition, the PSEN ix1 interface can be used to connect up to four emergency stop buttons (or other safety switches) in series.

The enclosed surface-mounting PITestop emergency stop pushbuttons have ingress protection to BS EN 60529 IP65 and the panel-mounting actuator versions are also sealed to IP65 from the front of the panel. For applications in hygiene environments, a special panel-mounting version is available with front-of-panel ingress protection to IEC 529 IP69K for protection during cleaning with high-pressure hot water jets. All models are of robust construction to ensure that they will survive in even the most demanding of industrial environments.

Suitable for applications up to BS EN 954-1 Category 2, 3 or 4, the PITestop pushbutton switches also meet the requirements of BS EN 60947-5-5: 1998 (Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Control circuit devices and switching elements - Electrical Emergency stop device with mechanical latching function), ISO/IEC 13850: 1996 (Safety of machinery - Emergency stop - Principles for design), and the BS EN 418: 1992 version of the same standard.


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