1 Jan 1970

Safety controller suits series builds and one-offs

With an extensive range of optional modules to expand its functionality, the Pilz PNOZmulti is the most versatile software-configurable safety controller available on the market for applications requiring anything more than a handful of conventional safety relays. More cost-effective for medium-complexity tasks than a comprehensive programmable safety system, the PNOZmulti is also extremely simple to configure by non-programmers thanks to the user-friendly drag-and-drop icon-based software.

Approved for all safety functions in applications up to BS EN 954-1 Category 4, the PNOZmulti also benefits from having the control configuration stored on a Smartcard. This means that for series machines the programming can be performed once in a convenient location, then the configuration downloaded to Smartcards which can be inserted into the safety controllers during the final assembly. It also means that the safety controller configuration can be upgraded or the hardware exchanged in the field with no need for any programming skills. Alternatively, the Smartcard may be written to while installed by linking a PC to the PNOZmulti base unit with a standard RS232 serial cable.

Being entirely electronic, with no moving or wearing parts, means that the PNOZmulti is exceptionally reliable and long-lived, even in areas where shock or vibration cause difficulties for traditional electromechanical relays.

Furthermore, the modular nature of the controller means that the customer only has to purchase and install the required functionality, thereby saving both costs and space. Using the modules already available, customers can employ a PNOZmulti controller for safety-related control systems incorporating emergency stop switches, gate switches, limit switches, light curtains, safety mats and two-handed starts, plus a standstill/speed monitoring module is available for BS EN 954-1 Category 3 applications where it is beneficial to keep a motor powered up, perhaps during commissioning, set-ups, troubleshooting or training. The PNOZ mc1p communications module has 16 auxiliary semiconductor outputs, and additional modules are available for linking the PNOZmulti safety controller as a slave device to a Profibus DP, DeviceNet, Interbus, CANopen or CC-Link industrial fieldbus network so that status and diagnostic data can be relayed to a PLC or other controller. Each module is simply plugged into the adjacent module, with no need for wiring and, therefore, no risk of wiring errors being made.

For many applications, the PNOZ m1p base unit alone is sufficient. This has 20 freely configurable inputs, four test pulse outputs, one auxiliary output, four safe semiconductor outputs (or two for Category 4 applications) and two safe relay outputs (or one for Category 4 applications). However, for more complex safety-related control systems, customers can add up to eight of the available expansion modules. These are the PNOZ mi1p eight-input module, the PNOZ mo1p with two safe semiconductor outputs, and the PNOZ mo2p with one safe relay output (or this can be used to provide two auxiliary outputs).

Thomas Peter, the PNOZmulti Product Manager at Pilz GmbH, says: "The PNOZmulti has already proved to be hugely popular, with more than 10,000 units sold in the first year alone. The combination of ease of programming, modular hardware and the choice of fieldbus interfaces makes this a truly unique safety control solution. Moreover, we still have many more developments planned that will expand the functionality even further."

All PNOZmulti modules are available for immediate delivery direct from Pilz Automation Technology in the UK.


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