1 Jan 1970

Pilz expands global presence and expertise

This is especially important for UK-based companies that are exporting around the world, as it means that local support will almost certainly be available for the end user, and this global coverage is continually expanding.

In Ireland, not only does Pilz offer the usual comprehensive range of safety-related products and services, but the office in Cork is also home to the team that develops Pilz software. The emphasis is always on achieving ease of use, as it is recognised that software is the most important interface between Pilz products and the user (both the end user and the machine builder or system integrator). Software is becoming increasingly important to Pilz, which is one of the reasons why the software team in Ireland has grown from three in 1999 to 74 now. Since Pilz Ireland was established in 1999, the team has developed the PNOZmulti Configurator, the SafetyEYE Configurator and the PAScal Pilz Safety Calculator package.

Another part of Pilz that is expanding is the drives Applications Centre in Kaufbeuren, Germany, where the PMC (Pilz Motion Control) range of servo drives, motion controllers and motors is designed and developed. Pilz acquired the Mayr Systems division in August 2005 and moved the offices to new premises in Kaufbeuren the following January. Yet more space was rented in February 2007, primarily to house an expanding development team. All of this is leading to Pilz developing a range of motion control products that closely integrate safety with motion control functions.

Mexico may not have the same level of safety legislation as we have here in Europe, but Pilz de Mexico has ambitious plans under Miguel Angel Valenzuela, who recently took over running this subsidiary. He has just opened a second office in the north of the country and has taken on two more staff to bring the total to seven. Shortly it is hoped that Pilz de Mexico will receive government accreditation as a monitoring body for machinery safety. Within five years Miguel Angel Valenzuela plans to open yet another office and establish a well-developed network of distributors and system integrators, giving Pilz a presence in all of Mexico's large industrialised cities. Furthermore, the plan is to become one of the top-ten Pilz subsidiaries in terms of turnover.

Other offices and subsidiaries have recently been opened in countries as far apart as China, Korea, Poland and Turkey.


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