1 Jan 1970

PNOZmulti gains Profibus communications module

Another development announced by Pilz is the PNOZ mc3p communications module that enables the PNOZmulti to be linked to a Profibus DP fieldbus network as a slave device.

Machine builders can therefore use a PNOZmulti to control and monitor the safety functions and output data that can be transferred via the Profibus network to a PLC or other machine controller. This data can be monitored, stored or used within a machine control system, for example, to display the status of the safety devices. Capable of transferring data at a rate of 12 Mbit/s, the module is fast enough for virtually any application.

To assist with commissioning and maintenance, the 22.5mm-wide communications module is equipped with LEDs to display the status of the unit itself.

Although the Profibus DP communications module is the first to be launched, Pilz is nearing completion of the development of similar modules for use with the DeviceNet, CANopen, Interbus and CC-Link industrial fieldbus protocols.


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