1 Jan 1970

Parmley Graham becomes official Pilz distributor

In 2007 Pilz Automation Technology appointed Parmley Graham as an official distributor for its range of products and training services. This move has gone down extremely well with Parmley Graham's customers.

Steve Farrow, General Manager of Pilz Automation Technology, comments: "Parmley Graham is a highly regarded distributor of industrial automation equipment, with a nationwide network of branches and a substantial customer base. We are therefore very pleased to welcome Parmley Graham as an official distributor."

Nick Wilson, Parmley Graham's Managing Director, says: "We aim to offer our customers best-in-class products from the leading suppliers, so Pilz is the natural choice for machinery safety, being the market leader with its range of top-quality products. The feedback we have received from our customers has been extremely positive, as they increasingly want to come to us for all of their industrial automation needs - including machinery safety. Pilz has been very generous in its support for us, providing training and technical support."

As well as supplying Pilz products, Parmley Graham is also offering its customers the Pilz training courses. Nick Wilson believes this is very helpful for his customers: "If customers receive the training, they can bring the skills in-house to become self-sufficient and engineer their own machinery safety control systems. Of course, if customers prefer to, we can help them with the engineering - or re-engineering - of their systems to ensure that their production processes are as efficient as possible in terms of throughput and energy consumption."

Nick Wilson concludes: "We are absolutely delighted to be working with Pilz, as it is a very good company with excellent products. The arrangement is hugely beneficial to our customers, and our association with Pilz reflects very well on Parmley Graham."

To visit the Parmley Graham website, go to http://www.parmley-graham.co.uk .


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