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Jamie Walton, Machinery Safety Consultant for Pilz UK

Jamie Walton joined Pilz Automation Technology as a Machinery Safety Consultant in May 2008, brining with him six years' experience with a well known firm of machinery safety consultants based in the North-East of England.

Prior to his work as a consultant, Jamie worked as an engineer in the electronics industry for 16 years, designing and installing machinery, which included high-speed placement machines. He also gained an ONC and HND in electrical and electronic engineering, and an NVQ Level 4 certificate in machinery safety.

During his time with his previous employer, Jamie worked in industries ranging from packaging to automotive production, for clients as far afield as Japan and the USA. He is now looking forward to helping Pilz meet the growing demand for its consultancy services here in the UK. In addition, he may call upon his experience in presenting seminars, as there is increasing interest in the Pilz machinery safety training courses.

Jamie comments: "I joined Pilz because it is a larger company than my previous employer, with a global presence and an exceptional depth and breadth of knowledge held in the German headquarters and national subsidiaries.

"Prospective clients generally already know and respect the Pilz name, and they appreciate the fact that Pilz offers a full service. Beyond the consultancy services, clients like the option of using Pilz for engineering, training and additional support, as well as being able to source safety components and systems from Pilz.

"With my background in consultancy I am familiar with consultants' machinery safety reports, but I was astonished when I first saw a Pilz consultancy report. The level of detail was far beyond what I had seen elsewhere, but what struck me most was how clearly the reports laid out solutions to the problems, whereas other reports tend to just state how a machine fails to comply with particular standards and regulations. I am sure that the Pilz reports are far superior to those produced by other consultants and, therefore, considerably more useful and valuable to clients."

You can email Jamie Walton at j.walton@pilz.co.uk or telephone 07500 055805.


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