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1 Jan 1970

SafetyBUS p input module is sealed to IP67

Pilz Automation Technology is launching a new IP67 digital input module for use with SafetyBUS p, the safe, open industrial fieldbus system. This will help to save costs for machine builders and system integrators as it can be installed directly on the machine, thereby avoiding the need for the inputs to be connected inside a control cabinet. Not only can this eliminate the cost of a cabinet, but it also reduces the work involved in planning and installation, which helps to save valuable engineering time.

Thanks to the use of M12 connectors, the PSS67 F 16DI SB-T input module is very easy to install, with no complex wiring. Ready-made, plug-in leads help to avoid wiring errors, and the plug-in connections make maintenance and sensor replacement easier. Additional benefits arise when the input modules are installed on modular plant and machinery.

The input module monitors safety functions locally and communicates with the PSS programmable safety and control system via SafetyBUS p. A maximum of 16 safe input devices can be connected, which may be 16 single- or eight dual-channel safety-related devices with or without test pulses. Furthermore, the input module can be cascaded using plug-in cables for SafetyBUS p and 24V DC power, while still retaining a level of safety integrity suitable for EN 954-1 Category 4 and IEC 61508 SIL 3 safety-related control systems.

Additional features include a facility for setting parameters for four different test pulse outputs, and an integrated earthing clip - with contact made via the module's two fixing screws.

While the main benefit of the PSS67 input module lies in its IP67 ingress protection, an extended operating temperature range of -40 to +60 degrees C means it can be used in extreme indoor - and outdoor - environmental conditions without the need for additional measures such as control cabinet heating or cooling.

Typical applications for the PSS67 input module, in conjunction with a PSS and SafetyBUS p network, will be found in food and drink processing equipment, packaging machinery, automotive production lines, conveyor systems and woodworking machinery.

Please contact Pilz to request more information about the IP67 SafetyBUS p input module.


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