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1 Jan 1970

Extensive range of new operator terminals

Pilz Automation Technology is launching a number of new human-machine interfaces, ranging from a compact diagnostic unit for use with Pilz safety-related control systems, to large, powerful units compatible with leading models of PLC or for use with custom software.

The first of the new products, the PMI m309 diag, is a compact, intuitive diagnostic unit that incorporates a 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet interface. Designed for use with safety-related control systems based on Pilz PSS safety and control systems, SafetyBUS p networks or PNOZmulti modular safety systems, it displays diagnostic messages in plain text on a 3.5inch colour TFT display. Operation is via either a touchscreen or pushbuttons.

Built into the PMI m309 diag is the Pilz PVIS 'intelligent' diagnostics that enable manufacturers to benefit from simple programming, while users gain from the clear diagnostic messages and practical instructions that aid rapid fault rectification. The predefined diagnostic texts can also be edited or completely rewritten when the unit is being configured, and the PMI m309 diag can be set to provide the name of the relevant contact for each fault. This ensures that the machine operator can notify the relevant specialist immediately, so the fault can be rectified more quickly.

Measuring just 87 x 157 x 52mm and featuring an IP65 front panel, the PMI m309 diag is compact and easy to install on machines with Pilz safety-related control systems. In addition, as this unit uses the same panel cut-out dimensions as the Pilz PX 20 text display, it is useful for upgrading existing equipment.

If greater functionality is required, the PMIvisu operator panels are available with screen sizes ranging from 6.5 to 15inches. As well as being fully compatible with Pilz safety-related control systems, the PMIvisu touchscreen operator terminals can also be used with leading makes of PLC for plant visualisation and diagnostics. Alternatively, the terminals are available as PMIopen models with Windows CE-based graphics systems that can be used with custom software for a wide variety of monitoring, diagnostic and control applications.

PMIvisu units are equipped with a 400MHz or 624MHz RISC processor, and customers can specify the following expansion options: four USB ports, one audio port, one PCMCIA slot, one LPT port, one VGA port and one PS/2 combi port. In addition, communications options include MPI, Profibus DP and CANopen. Front panels are sealed to IP65 and the units can operate in temperatures from 0 to 55 degrees C and in a maximum relative humidity of 95 per cent.

Identical processors are used in the PMIopen units, all of which have an RS232 port, RS232/422/485 port and a 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet port. Expansion options are the same as for the PMIvisu models.

Whatever customers require for displaying diagnostic data, monitoring machinery or plant, or for other visualisation applications, Pilz now offers an extensive range of rugged, high-quality products.

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