1 Jan 1970

Pilz launches rugged safety bolts for machine guards

The safety bolt, known as the PSENbolt, can be used in conjunction with either a Pilz mechanical or coded non-contact safety switch to create a complete machinery guard security assembly for applications such as maintenance doors. Machine builders, system integrators and end users can therefore now source virtually all of their machinery safety products from a single trusted supplier.

Because the switch and its actuator are installed directly on the PSEN b1 bolt assembly, minor positional errors are catered for by the sliding mechanical bolt action; consequently there is no undue wear and tear on the mechanical switch actuator and no problem with misalignment of the coded non-contact switch/actuator.

Furthermore, the PSENbolt assembly is supplied complete with an integral door handle, which offers significant potential savings compared with the total cost of specifying, purchasing and installing a separate bolt and door handle.

The PSENbolt assembly can be used with either the PSEN me1 or the PSEN me1.1 solenoid-interlocked mechanical switches with a holding force of 1500N that prevents the guard door from being opened until the machinery is safe to access. These PSEN me1 switches feature two safety contacts. Operating voltage for the PSEN me1 switches is 24V AC/DC; the PSEN me1.1 operates with 24V DC or 24/110/230V AC. The switches are suitable for use in safety-related control systems meeting the requirements of EN 954-1 Category 2 or 3 (or 4, if two switches are used in a redundant configuration), and they are sealed to IP67.

Pilz offers three types of coded non-contact PSENcode switch, all with a fast 20ms response time: the coded model (PSEN cs1.1p) operates with any compatible Pilz actuator; the fully coded model (PSEN cs2.1p) has a facility to teach-in a new actuator in the event of loss or damage (restricted to eight times to reduce the risk of tampering); and the uniquely coded model (PSEN cs2.2p) can only ever be used in conjunction with the actuator with which it is supplied. Virtually impossible to defeat, this last switch provides an exceptional level of integrity. All variants are suitable for applications conforming to the requirements of EN 954-1 Category 4, and all are sealed to IP67.

For additional security, the PSENbolt can be fitted with a padlock so that the safety gate cannot be closed inadvertently while someone is still working inside the machine guard.


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