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1 Jan 1970

Free manual explains application of safety relays

...so it is rare for any application to be completely new; in the vast majority of cases, something very similar will have been done before. Much of this knowledge and experience is available directly to customers and end users in the form of the Pilz PNOZ X Range Applications Manual that can be requested free of charge.

This massive 164-page guide divides applications into four types: emergency stop circuits, safety gate circuits, ESPE (electrosensitive protective equipment) circuits and muting applications. Of course, for those applications not covered by the manual, free technical support is always available directly from Pilz Automation Technology.

For each type of application the manual gives information relating to the various models of PNOZ X range safety relay when used in Category 2, 3 or 4 according to the requirements of EN 954-1 (Safety of machinery, safety related parts of control systems, General principles for design).

Having found the closest match to their own application, users can turn to the appropriate page to find a wealth of useful information. As well as highlighting the main features of the application, the manual provides a more detailed description of the application, complete with notes about start and reset functions and an explanation of how the application meets the requirements of EN 954-1 Category 2, 3 or 4. A circuit diagram is also included, with all terminal numbers clearly identified, so the reader is left in no doubt as to how to connect the relay correctly. Lastly, Pilz order numbers are provided to enable the exact model of safety relay to be correctly selected.

This application manual is a 'must-have' for anyone designing, maintaining or upgrading electrical safety circuits on machinery.


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