1 Jan 1970

Single source for machinery safety

Pilz has built an enviable reputation for its machinery safety products, and the company's name is all but synonymous with the self-contained safety relay invented by Pilz in 1987. More recently the company has diversified its product range and started to offer related services. And now Pilz is offering a comprehensive range of products and services that makes it a single source for virtually all aspects of machinery safety. Furthermore, the company is positioning itself as a supplier of equipment for both safety and standard (non-safety-related) machine control.

Many customers of Pilz do not fully appreciate the wide range of products that the company has available today. Beyond the numerous electromechanical safety relays, Pilz now supplies the following: the PNOZelog range of solid-state safety relays; the PNOZmulti range of software configurable safety controllers for medium-complexity machinery; PSS programmable safety systems (safety PLCs) for machinery and process control; PSS modules that enable full use to be made of the SafetyBUS p safe, open fieldbus system; touchscreen operator interfaces; control and monitoring relays; failsafe non-contact sensors; and light curtains for finger, hand and body detection. More products for safety and control applications are being launched imminently, and many more are planned for the future.

Under the heading of 'Consulting, engineering and training', Pilz is now offering the following services: plant assessments, risk assessments, safety concepts; safety designs, CE services, safety sign-off, plus training that covers Pilz products as well as general topics such as machinery safety and standards.

Other services are also available if required, such as project engineering, PUWER assessments, SIL determination, and competency management. In addition, Pilz can supply the full range of BSI publications, and the 'Safety Update' monthly e-mail newsletter is provided free of charge upon request.

Pilz has traditionally been viewed as a supplier of products, but that is now changing, with a comprehensive range of services available from some of the market's leading experts in the field of machinery safety.


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