1 Jan 1970

New servo amplifier is ready for extra safety functions

Pilz Automation Technology is now offering a new servo amplifier, the PMCprotego D, that not only benefits from a safe stop function, but is also ready to accept new modules that will enable its safety capability to be expanded considerably.

Similar in many ways to the existing PMCtendo servo amplifier (which will remain available alongside the new product), the PMCprotego features a slot to accept safety cards when these are launched in early 2009. These cards will provide for functions such as safe reduced speed, safe operational stop and safe standstill. Meanwhile, the PMCprotego D comes with a safe stop function in accordance with EN/IEC 62061 SIL2 (safety integrity level 2) or EN ISO 13849-1 PL d (performance level d), as well as safety category 3 of the outgoing EN 954-1.

Another useful feature of the PMCprotego D is the MMC media card on which the configuration parameters are stored. For series machines, the MMC cards can be readily 'cloned' and the cards simply slotted into the servo amplifiers. In addition, upgrades can be performed by exchanging the existing card for another with a new configuration, and damaged amplifiers can be replaced and the full configuration loaded into the new unit simply by inserting the card.

Several models of PMCprotego D are already available, with larger versions due for launch soon. Customers can select from amplifiers with rated currents of 1.5, 3, 6, 12 and 24A and corresponding peak currents of 4.5, 9, 18, 24 and 48A. All models can operate from any AC voltage from 208-480V and they feature integral mains filters.

A maximum of 200 motion tasks can be programmed and the position control cycle time is 125us. As well as the master encoder input, each amplifier is equipped with four digital inputs, two analogue inputs and two digital inputs/outputs. I/O expansion cards enable the number of inputs and outputs to be increased if required. CANopen and Ethernet TCP/IP interfaces are provided, with other options being Profibus-DP-S, Sercos and DeviceNet.

Customers can utilise the PMCprotego D in safety-related control systems with a safe reduced speed function. This can be achieved either by using conventional speed monitors and safety relays, or with a PNOZmulti configurable controller with a speed monitoring module. In both cases, the safe output from the monitoring system is used as a safe input to the PMCprotego D so that, should the speed exceed the predefined safe limit, the amplifier enters its safe stop mode.

The PMCprotego D is programmed using the free PMCtools suite of programs. This includes PTerm (a terminal emulator), PEdit (a text editor), PScope (a software-based oscilloscope), PMotion (a motion programming tool) and PDrive (an amplifier and motor parameter configuration tool).

Please contact Pilz to request more information about the PMCprotego D servo amplifier.


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