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Safe proximity switch PSENini

Safe monitoring without actuators

Safe proximity switch PSENini

The safe proximity switch detects the approach of metallic objects without contact. So the inductive sensor supplies the necessary safe signals about positions and end positions. In this way it guarantees a smooth production process.

PSENini is suitable for tasks with long cams or where several positions are to be detected. It can also be used as a pulse generator for counting tasks or to record rotations (up to 10 Hz).

Update of safety-related characteristic data PSENini

The safety-related characteristic data for PSENini have been updated. Please contact your local sales engineer for more information.


High productivity and long service life – The benefits of PSENini

  • User-friendly diagnostics via LEDs
  • Series connection means less wiring and fewer inputs
  • Greater productivity thanks to short reaction time
  • Suitable for counterpieces made of a variety of metals
  • Insensitive to shocks
  • Long product service life due to wear-free function
  • Can be combined directly with a wide range of evaluation devices

Features of the proximity switch

Features of the proximity switch
  • Series connection with other proximity switches PSENini, safety switches PSENcode, safety gate systems PSENslock and PSENsgate
  • Typical operating distance: 15 mm
  • Directions of actuation: 1
  • Approach directions: 5
  • Diagnostic interface: 3 LEDs
  • Outputs: 2 safety outputs and 1 signal output
  • Inputs: 2 safety inputs

Safe position monitoring with PSENini

Thanks to their non-contact, non-wearing operation, the safe proximity switches PSENini are ideally suited for monitoring cams and rolling doors. They can also be used for counting tasks and in speed detection.

Safe position monitoring with PSENini

Industry uses of the proximity switch

Our product range: Safe proximity switch PSENini

Safe proximity switch PSENini

Non-contact detection of approaching metallic objects, non-wearing operation for high productivity and a long service life: that is what PSENini embodies.


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