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Risk Assessment

Your first Step in Machinery Safety: Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are the key to machinery safety. They pave the way for a level of risk reduction that's both effective and economical. Many activities carried out by operators and maintenance staff represent a high risk.

Often it takes just a few factors to cause an accident. If you build, retrofit or interlink machinery, a competent risk assessment is the most important basis on which to design machinery safely or determine the necessary protection measures.

"The Risk Assessment that Pilz completes offers the best basis for safe construction your plant as well as the determination of adequate risk reduction. Pilz also shared the benefit of their knowledge with us regarding machinery safety engineering. We considered completing the risk assessment ourselves, but by engaging Pilz, we benefited from a fundamentally different approach and perspective.”

Karlfried Pfeifenbring, Responsible for the sector HSEQ, BARD-Group

Pilz - Your Partner for Risk Assessment

We take responsibility and work in partnership with you to undertake a technical inspection of your machinery in accordance with the applicable national and/or international standards and directives. The aim of the risk assessment is to identify and assess existing hazards and define risk reduction measures.

As Part of the Risk Assessment Pilz will

  • Identify the applicable standards and regulations
  • Define the machine's limits
  • Identify all the risks in each of the machine's lifecycle phases
  • Estimate and assess the risk
  • Recommend an approach for reducing risk

Your Benefit in Risk Assessment

  • Establish your basis for Machinery Safety with our risk assessment
  • Assure compliance with regulations such as the Machinery Directive
  • Integrate safety in new or modified machinery through the early identification of risk
  • Benefit from the technical competence and objectivity of our enterprise

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