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Tactile sensors

Safeguard danger zones with tactile sensors

Tactile sensors in the form of a pressure-sensitive safety mat

Tactile sensors react to contact or pressure. As soon as people step on the pressure-sensitive mat, the sensors reliably detect their position and forward the position data to the safe controller, which slows down or stops the plant or machine. As a result, tactile sensors provide effective protection for safeguarding danger points and danger zones.

With our range of tactile sensor technology you can take advantage of our pressure-sensitive safety mat PSENmat, which has been developed to detect presence on the mat's surface. PSENmat meets the requirements for pressure-sensitive protective devices in accordance with EN ISO 13856-1.

In combination with safe Pilz control technology and our visualisation solutions, we offer a complete one-stop solution that's safe and flexible. Thanks to a comprehensive range of accessories, our tactile safeguards can be used flexibly on any machine.

Take advantage of the benefits of tactile sensor technology!

  • Highly compatible with other products and interfaces
  • Safe, complete solution when combined with safe control technology from Pilz
  • High flexibility of application
  • Guarantees high efficiency through Pilz customer care 24/7
  • Usual, outstanding Pilz quality
Pressure-sensitive safety mat PSENmat

Tactile sensors – Features

  • Standard-compliant safety solutions in accordance with EN ISO 13856-1
  • Robust surface
  • Sensitive sensor technology

Our product range: Tactile sensors


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