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Safe camera system SafetyEYE

Monitoring and control with one system

SafetyEYE is the first safe camera system for 3D zone monitoring. It combines intelligent sensor technology with effective control. Innovative 3D technology and user-friendly software enables even complex applications to be monitored and controlled with one system.

SafetyEYE protects your detection zones

The safe camera system detects and reports objects that encroach into warning and detection zones, which can be freely defined. SafetyEYE establishes if any operators are within the action radius of the hazardous movement (safety) or have accessed a zone with an increased safety level (security).

Set up detection zones on the PC with the SafetyEYE Configurator

As the software works intuitively, warning zones and detection zones can be configured quickly and easily on the PC via the SafetyEYE Configurator. You define the zones, combine them into groups or switch zone arrangements to suit your needs.

We're happy to adapt SafetyEYE to your individual requirements. You can reach our international hotline on You can also take advantage of our telephone consultancy service via our technical support.

Three-dimensional monitoring and control

SafetyEYE has been honoured with numerous awards.

The safe camera system SafetyEYE enables uninterrupted three-dimensional monitoring and control of danger zones. Where conventional safety-related solutions reach their limits, SafetyEYE opens up a new range of possibilities for monitoring and safeguarding danger points - as a result, Pilz has already been honoured with numerous awards, including the German health and safety prize and recognition from the International Society of Automation (ISA) and the German American Chamber of Commerce (AHK).

Your benefits from SafetyEYE at a glance

Very economical

  • SafetyEYE monitors complex applications safely and with minimum effort due to the three-dimensional monitoring function
  • Suitable for high safety requirements with manipulation protection
  • Flexible to use in various industries and applications, high level of flexibility when designing or redesigning applications

High productivity

  • Ergonomic workstations and efficient work practices, because virtual detection zones allow free access to the process
  • Rapid installation and simple commissioning using just a few user-friendly components
  • Simple configuration and diagnostics of 3D warning and detection zones

The key features of SafetyEYE at a glance

  • Arm resolution up to an installation height of 4 metres
  • Body protection
  • Max. visible range approx. 72 m²
  • Lighting from 300 lux required, depending on the background and environment
  • Designed in accordance with all relevant norms and standards:
    - Cat. 3 of EN ISO 13849-1:2008
    - SIL2 of IEC 61508
    - PL d of EN ISO 13849-1
    - in accordance with DIN EN 61496
  • Protection types:
    Sensing device IP 65
    Analysis unit IP 20
  • Suitable for worldwide use

Monitor, control and protect - now you can do all this with just one system - the camera system from Pilz.

SafetyEYE sensing device - Monitoring

The SafetyEYE sensing device is equipped with three different cameras and reliably monitors movement.

The sensing device, which observes movements, comprises three different cameras. The cameras do not need to be calibrated. Simply install the sensing device above the zone that requires monitoring. Compared with conventional safety devices, SafetyEYE is ready for operation within the shortest possible time.

SafetyEYE control unit - Control

When a detection is violated, the SafetyEYE control system shuts down the affected machine immediately.

The control unit consists of an analysis unit and a programmable safety and control system. The analysis unit receives and processes the image data. In doing so it generates the signals - detection zone violations for example - for the integrated programmable safety and control system. In this case, the control system shuts down the affected machine immediately.

The programmable safety and control system is part of the analysis unit, with an optional SafetyBUS p interface. So you can benefit from decentralised, safe networking of all components, fast reaction times for your plant, user-friendly diagnostics and therefore high availability.

Software: SafetyEYE Configurator - Configuration

Virtual detection zones are set up intuitively using the SafetyEYE Configurator.

As complex as the safe camera system may appear at first glance, using SafetyEYE is not complex in the least. As the software works intuitively, warning zones and detection zones can be configured quickly and easily on the PC via the SafetyEYE Configurator.

Another special feature: With the SafetyEYE Configurator you can use the Ethernet connection to program the analysis unit as well as the programmable safety and control system that serves as an interface to the machine control system.

Interested in the technical details? Find out more in our product information materials in our download area.

Innovative solution for complex applications

Pilz developed SafetyEYE in conjunction with Daimler. This joint expertise produced a very innovative solution, which is particularly suitable for large-scale, complex applications. SafetyEYE replaces the complex installations of existing safety devices.

SafetyEYE: wide range of applications

SafetyEYE has a wide range of application options. This solution opens up new horizons for the widest range of industries and applications:

  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace technology
  • Packaging industry
  • Machine tools
  • Handling systems

Users report on their application of SafetyEYE

SafetyEYE provides three-dimensional safety with a wide range of functions. Our customers are also convinced. You can read more about the various applications of SafetyEYE in the application reports.

SafetyEYE in manufacturing

At Benteler Automobiltechnik, the safe camera system is improving the ergonomics of a robot welding station. SafetyEYE is the only technical solution that's also economical, providing uninterrupted monitoring of the robot's operating range inside the danger zone. All danger zones are reliably monitored by the three-dimensional camera system, so that user and machine can work safely "hand in hand". With SafetyEYE, the company's key requirements of safety and productivity are combined in the best way possible.

Flexible manufacturing of fuel cells with SafetyEYE

SafetyEYE monitors the pilot plant for fuel cell manufacturing in the Fuel Cell Research Centre (ZBT). This is where automated production chains are subjected to advance testing, to ensure that the fuel cell manufacturing industry benefits from optimum production. When it comes to implementing a safe, flexible pilot operation, the centre relies on SafetyEYE from Pilz. Since its installation, the safe camera system has enabled the detection zone to be set up flexibly, providing the ideal prerequisites for man-machine interaction, as required in the ZBT.

Individually adapted to your needs

Have we aroused your curiosity? The staff on our international hotline will be happy to advise you on how to use SafetyEYE in your applications at For telephone enquiries please contact our technical support.