The declaration of conformity for the purposes of mandatory CE marking

The declaration of conformity for the purposes of mandatory CE marking

The CE mark - originally taken from "Communauté Européenne" ("European Community") - is now no longer an abbreviation but stands as a symbol in its own right. A manufacturer uses this mark to document the fact that he has considered all the European internal market directives that are relevant to his product and applied all the appropriate conformity assessment procedures. Products that carry the CE mark may be imported and sold inside the EU without considering national regulations. That’s why the CE mark is also referred to as the “Passport to Europe".

Compliance of a product with several directives

Generally speaking, all directives in accordance with the new concept (“new approach” - separation of standards and legislation) provide for CE marking. Where a product falls under the scope of several directives which provide for CE marking, the marking indicates that the product is assumed to conform with the provisions of all these directives.


Legal principles

The obligation to affix CE marking extends to all products which fall under the scope of directives providing for such marking and which are destined for the single market. CE marking should therefore be affixed to the following products that fall under the scope of a directive:

  • All new products, irrespective of whether they have been manufactured in member states or in third countries and placed on the market within the EU
  • Used products imported from third countries and second-hand products within the EU
  • And products that have undergone significant change and fall under the scope of the directives within the EU as new products

The directives may exclude certain products from CE marking. The manufacturer uses the declaration of conformity to confirm that his product meets the requirements of the relevant directive(s).

Safety Compendium

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