Operational safety

Does an employer have to confirm the knowledge of competent persons?

In accordance with the industrial safety regulations (BetrSichV), responsibility for appropriate testing of machinery, plant and work equipment lies with the employer / operator of a plant/machine. Contracting an external company (competent persons) does not relieve him of this responsibility. However, general contract law is applicable in this case. Before agreeing the contract the employer should always check that the competent person is suitably qualified and define exactly the content and scope of the test in accordance with BetrSichV. In an individual case it may even be necessary for appropriate evidence of qualifications to be submitted.

The situation is different with specialist staff at an approved inspection body (AIB) in accordance with BetrSichV. Specialists at an AIB can be viewed as competent in the field relating to their approval without any further tests. Accreditation and nomination of specialist staff is handled by the Central Office of Federal States for Safety Technology (ZLS).


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