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What documentation must an external control cabinet manufacturer provide to the machine builder? Is the control cabinet already considered to be partly completed machinery? Is a manufacturer's declaration / declaration of incorporation required?

Essentially a control cabinet is subject to the Low Voltage Directive and EMC Directive. These directives call for an EU declaration of conformity and CE mark to be issued (not included). A declaration of incorporation in accordance with the Machinery Directive is impossible, therefore.

A control cabinet with controller is a significant part of a machine, but by definition it is not partly completed machinery.

As the control cabinet becomes a machine component, it must be assessed in line with the conformity assessment procedure (to be completed by the machine builder). This means that more information is needed than that stipulated by the Low Voltage Directive or EMC Directive. The machine builder should therefore also have compliance with the provisions of the Machinery Directive confirmed. As there is no legal entitlement in this regard, this should be agreed privately before the contract is concluded.



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