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In the PNOZmulti Configurator, a filter time can be activated on the inputs - what is this time for?

If no filter time is activated, constant multiple changes of state could occur during a single switching operation on the input, in the event of contact bounce. This multiple change of state can lead to a partial operation, for example, whereby the PNOZmulti system detects an input error.

If the filter time is activated and the input signal switches from low to high, the filter time begins. Within this time, the high signal at the input will not yet be processed in the PNOZmulti project. As a result, the contact can bounce within this time without generating a change of state. The state of the input is checked again once the filter time has elapsed. If there is still a high signal at the input, this signal will now be processed in the PNOZmulti project. This filter time can be set to up to a maximum of 3 seconds.


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