PLC controllers and I/O systems

How can a control system PSSuniversal be exchanged for another control system?

When a control system PSSuniversal is exchanged it may not be necessary to perform new device naming via the engineering software PAS4000. The device naming data and the device project of the existing PSSu system can be transferred to the replacement device by re-using the existing removable data medium containing the naming data and device project for the replacement device.

The exchanged PSSu system must be in its delivered condition or an original reset must be carried out for the PSSu system before it is exchanged.


  1. Switch the existing PSSu system to a STOP state and remove the supply voltage connectors.
  2. Uninstall the existing PSSu system.
  3. Unplug the removable data medium from the head module on the existing PSSu system and plug into the replacement device.
  4. Install replacement device.
  5. Plug the supply voltage connectors into the replacement device.
  6. To transfer the device naming data and device project, carry out the following procedure:
    • Press the reset button on the head module of the replacement device for longer than 5 seconds
    • Perform the deliberate operator action for device naming:
    • Release reset button - press reset button - release reset button
    • The deliberate operator action must be performed within 10 seconds, otherwise the transfer will be aborted.
    • Once the naming data and device project have been transferred, the replacement PSSu system is restarted; the behaviour is the same as for a restart/reboot command.

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