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Safety Validation

Your fifth Step in Machinery Safety: Safety Validation

Safety Validation

Is the defined machine safeguarding correctly implemented? Is the safety related control system of your machinery designed and implemented in accordance with your safety requirements specification? International Standards such as ISO 13849, IEC 62061 and IEC 61508 demand validation of safety systems independent of the design function. Validation is essential to prove that your machinery is safe.

"Pilz have been key in designing, installing and validating site-wide safety guarding solutions The team have been excellent in communicating changes with all key personnel involved, this along with work executed to a high standard, has made this a successful project."

Leon Burns, Project Manager, Stiefel Laboratories (Ire) Ltd

Pilz - Your partner for Safety Validation and Machinery Safety

Our competent, specialist staff can guarantee an objective and systematic validation procedure. You can rely on our practical experience when assessing and implementing safety on your plant. Thanks to our competence as safety experts, we can guarantee that your machinery's safety requirements are examined and validated in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards

As Part of the Safety Validation Pilz will

  • Validate your machinery against the safety requirements specification
  • Determine conformance with regulations such as OSHA, BetrSichV and the machinery directive 2006/42/EC
  • Perform a function test and fault simulation on the safety system
  • Test the sensor/actuator technology and its wiring  
  • Perform measurements (protective earth, sound level, ...)
  • Produce a test report with detailed information about the results

Your Benefit in Safety Validation for Machinery Safety

  • Demonstrate compliance with the standards which mandate independent safety validation
  • Opt for professional methods in the certification process
  • Consider all relevant aspects of validation and certification
  • Delegate responsibility to Pilz
  • Trust us as safety professionals

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