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Safety Design

Your third Step in Machinery Safety: Safety Design

Safety Design

The aim of safety design is to reduce or eliminate danger points through detailed planning of the necessary safeguards plus the selection of appropriate technologies. It is essential to integrate a detailed safety design before the concrete implementation, in order to avoid subsequent costs and increase the machine's availability, as well as reduce downtime to a minimum. This applies whether the machine is to be built from new, retrofit or converted.

"For us Pilz is the perfect service provider in the field of machine safety – their experience, expertise and efficiency was apparent.”

Mike Niederstadt, Project Manager, Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH

Pilz -Your Partner for Safety Design and Machinery Safety

As a global solution supplier for international companies, we can create a safety design that meets the relevant requirements and standards and is valid worldwide. Our structured methodology not only saves time and money but also provides you with a safe machine that complies with regulations including the Machinery Directive.

As Part of the Pilz Safety Design Service we will

  • Specify the safety requirements
  • Provide a detailed allocation of safety measures to identified risks
  • Design mechanical, electrical, electronic and software parts of the machinery safety system
  • Select the components and determine the PL and SIL
  • Determine the achieved performance levels in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 / EN IEC 62061 using the calculation tool PAScal

Your Benefit in Safety Design for Machinery Safety

  • Implement tailor-made concepts with our in-depth design
  • Optimise results through structured processes in accordance with IEC 61508
  • Work in compliance with relevant regulations including the Machinery Directive and international standards
  • Compliment your resources with our safety specialists

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