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Safety Concept

Your second Step in Machinery Safety: Safety Concept

Safety Concept

An effective safety concept is one which solves your problems using the most ‘intelligent’ solutions in the most cost effective way. We don't believe that machine safeguarding and productivity should be in competition.

The key factor here is to work closely with customers to develop the safety concept so that implementation costs, interaction between operator and machine, productivity and the scope of any maintenance work can be optimised. Based on the results of the risk assessment, we present solutions which provide plant safety through state-of-the-art mechanical, technical and organisational measures.

"With the help of Pilz we have succeeded to implement the safety requirements on our machine. This was completed to a high quality standard and suited our practical requirements.”

Michael Pruggmayer Division Manager, EBZ GmbH Fuel Cell & Process Technology

Pilz - Your Partner for Safety Concept and Machine Safety

Our staff has a deep technical knowledge of relevant regulations, directives and standards, as well as advanced safety technologies for a comprehensive safety concept. With our practical experience of implementing safety concepts we can guarantee compliance and safety while at the same time keeping complexity and costs to a minimum.
Key requirements are to determine the performance level (PL) or safety integrity level (SIL).

As Part of the Safety Concept Pilz will

  • Propose engineering solutions to achieve safety through mechanical, electrical and other measures
  • Apply best industry practice and standards and regulations
  • Determine PL (Performance Level) or SIL (Safety Integrity Level) where safety related control system is used
  • Consider machine availability and productivity through integration of safety

Your Benefit in Safety Concept for Machinery Safety

  • Benefit from our practical engineering expertise
  • Increase productivity through integrated safety
  • Assure compliance and safety while reducing complexity and costs
  • Be assured that a multi disciplinary team works to achieve the best possible safety concept for your business needs

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