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Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO): Control of Hazardous Energies

Lock Out Tag Out: Our Service for your Safety

Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO): Control of Hazardous Energies

There are many energy sources that can potentially pose a risk to industrial employees. Therefore, US Regulation 29 CFR 1910.147 and European Workplace Regulations require ensuring that machinery and other work equipment is isolated from its energy sources, and secured in a way to avoid accidentally re-energisation.

Lock Out Tag Out - increasing approach in Europe

The use of Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) programmes is increasing in Europe and it is no longer seen as solely a North American safety approach. The increasing number of companies all over the world creating specific LOTO procedures demonstrates the industry’s leaning toward a ‘best practice’ approach.

Pilz – Your partner for Lock Out Tag Out Services

Legislation in Europe does not enforce the requirement for a LOTO programme in the workplace however there are specific legislative requirements for which a LOTO procedure seems the most likely solution. This is achieved by plants worldwide to implementing a LOTO programme that confirms to US Regulation 29 CFR 1910.147. 29 CFR 1910.147 requires a company implements the following as a minimum.

1. Develop an overall LOTO Policy
2. Develop a list of machines requiring a LOTO procedure.
3. Ensure all required equipment for Locking and Tagging out a machine is available
4. Create a LOTO Procedure for machinery identified
5. Train Staff in recognising hazardous energy and LOTO Procedures

Pilz offers a complete Lock Out Tag Out System package, consisting of two stages: LOTO Analysis and LOTO Procedure Development. Both solutions are combined in a practical tailor-made package for our customers.

As part of Lock Out Tag Out Pilz will

  • Create a customised Lock Out Tag Out procedure to ensure safe control of hazardous energy
  • Analyse the existing equipment and procedures
  • Create new procedures in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Install clear graphical Log Out Tag Out placards on equipment
  • Developed alternatives for machine tasks where it is not required to isolate all of the energy sources when performing small maintenance tasks

Your Benefit of Lock Out Tag Out Services

  • Profit from a simple, safe and effective way to implement Lock Out Tag Out in your plant
  • Benefit from machine specific LOTO procedures created by Pilz located at your equipment
  • Take advantage of the clear identification of maintenance tasks that can utilise alternative safeguards or partial de-energisation of the equipment
  • Increase your productivity with our LOTO Service (Lock Out Tag Out)

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