Area monitoring with 2D laser scanners

Learn about the wide-ranging application options for 2D laser scanners!

Area monitoring with 2D laser scanners

Whether you need safeguarding of danger zones or access monitoring: 2D laser scanners offer a flexible solution for your safety requirement. Thanks to the free configuration of warning fields and protected fields, plus options for adapting to structural conditions, they are ideal for integrating into the widest range of applications.

What can safety laser scanners achieve these days? Read on for an up-to-date account of the key applications.

Stationary safeguarding of danger zones

Applications that involve interaction between man and machine place heavy demands on the safety solution. 2D laser scanners detect when a person approaches a hazardous movement and shut the movement down safely. Protected fields and warning fields can be configured with flexibility and adapted to structural conditions. When someone enters the warning field, the hazardous movement is subjected to controlled braking. Should the person reach the protected field, the hazardous movement is stopped.


Your benefit

  • Easy to integrate into the application: free configuration of protected fields and warning fields, including adjustment to structural conditions

Safeguarding of automated guided vehicles

Reliable safeguarding of automated guided vehicles (AGV) is required in order to protect people and objects from harm. Thanks to their compact design, 2D laser scanners are ideal for integrating into an AGV. This way they can detect any objects in the vehicle's path. As a result they offer far greater benefits compared with stationary safeguards on the AGV's route. Even with high speeds that require a longer braking distance, safety laser scanners provide maximum safety – without compromising productivity.

Your benefit

  • No unnecessary downtimes: monitoring of speeds for flexible adaptation of the protected fields

Encroachment from behind

Particularly in danger zones where visibility is poor and on robot applications, a reliable safety concept is a necessity. Protection against encroachment from behind is required, alongside a secure safety gate switch or light grids at the entrance to the danger zone. 2D laser scanners detect when a person is present inside the danger zone. While there is anyone inside the protected field, they will prevent the hazardous movement from restarting.

Your benefit

  • Resolves two challenges simultaneously: safeguarding of danger zones and restart monitoring

Access protection

A flexible solution is needed to safeguard access to danger zones in the widest range of applications. 2D laser scanners are not only ideal for safeguarding access and preventing people from entering, they are also suitable for applications where material is also being fed in and out simultaneously. Additional sensors distinguish between humans and material. If the approved material form is detected, the safety laser scanner switches the protected field. The material can now pass. Should a person enter the protected field, access remains closed. The hazardous movement comes to a standstill.

Your benefit

  • Distinguishes between humans and material, for safe infeed and outfeed of material

2D laser scanner PSENscan app

2D laser scanner PSENscan app

Already familiar with the PSENscan app? Here you can find out everything about the various application options of our 2D laser scanner and at the same time learn more about the properties of PSENscan. The best thing is to download the app straight away!

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