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Issue 9 2018 /
Dear Sir or Madam,

Working procedures become increasingly more efficient the closer human and machine are cooperating. However, operators have to comply with the most varies standards and technical specifications. Pilz supports you with comprehensive knowledge of standards, products and services on your way to safe robot applications. In this Newsletter edition, you find out more about the requirements for safe robotics, and the current standards situation! In addition, we present the new service robotics modules for use in an industrial or non-industrial environment.
Modules for robotics: Build your own robot with Service Robotics Modules from Pilz!

We make your entry into service robotics easy. With the new service robotics modules you can now assemble your individual service robotics application. The range of solutions consists of the manipulator PRBT, the control module PRCM, the operating module PRTM and ROS modules. Find out more now!
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Opt for light guards when safeguarding your machine tools!

When safeguarding machine tools such as presses and automated press lines, both robust and flexible sensors are in demand. In the second part of our series, you learn how to skilfully combine light guards and mirror columns. Find out more about it now!


All guidance and standards for human-robot collaboration (HRC) at a glance!

The new HRC poster shows you what types of collaboration there are and how risks can be minimised when humans and machines interact. You can also learn the applicable limit values for force and pressure between humans and robots according to ISO/TS 15066!
Revision of the ISO safety standard for industrial robots

By May 2021 the safety requirements for collaborative robot systems in accordance with ISO 10218-1 and ISO 10218-2 must have been revised. Find out more!
Teamwork 4.0: The White Paper Robotics from Pilz is here!

How can man and machine work together safety in the factory of the future? The new White Paper introduces challenges and solution when implementing a safe human-robot collaboration in an industrial environment. Download it now!


Come see Pilz at ROSCon and iROS in Madrid!

From 29 - 30 September 2018, developers who work with the open-source ROS (robot operating system) software will meet at ROSCon in Madrid. Following this, iROS, the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, will be held from 1-5 October 2018. At both conferences, Pilz will introduce its activities in the areas of ROS and service robotics.