PROFIBUS (Process Field Bus)

PROFIBUS (Process Field Bus) is a universal fieldbus, which is widely used in automation technology. It is not to be confused with the PROFINET standard for Industrial Ethernet. PROFIBUS is based on the recognised international standards IEC 61158, IEC 61784 and EN 50170. The fast, open bus system enables a transmission rate of up to 12 MBit/s and can be adapted to the widest range of applications due to its modular design.



Efficient data exchange at field level through PROFIBUS

With PROFIBUS DP, centralised automation devices communicate with decentralised field devices such as I/Os, drives, valves and transducers via a fast serial connection. Data is exchanged cyclically. Short reaction times can be achieved in this case.



PROFIBUS ensures that faults are located quickly through diagnostic functions

PROFIBUSDP offers a range of diagnostic functions.
Diagnostic messages are transmitted via the bus and collected on the Master. The diagnostic functions comprise the following stages:

  • Station-related diagnostics: Messages about a subscriber's readiness for operation
  • Module-related diagnostics: Messages about faults within an I/O subsection
  • Channel-based diagnostics: Messages about faults on an individual input/output



PROFIBUS offers a high level of flexibility due to its modular structure

Thanks to its open architecture with linear topology and terminators, PROFIBUSDP can be adapted to the widest range of applications in all substages of production automation.  PROFIBUS is standardised internationally in accordance with IEC 61158, IEC 61784 and EN 50170.



The following product groups in the Pilz portfolio have a PROFIBUS interface:

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