New PVIS system release supports OPC UA

PVIS is the established concept in circulation for extended Pilz diagnostics for PNOZmulti, PSS 3000 and PMC projects.

PVIS translates error codes from various automation devices via its OPC diagnostics server into text messages and remedies. Help texts are available in many languages and only need to be activated by the user in the automation project. Version 2.0.0 offers OPC UA support for the PVIS OPC Diagnostics Server.

The diagnostic concept PVIS minimises machine downtimes through the fast, effective rectification of faults.

  • It provides detailed plain-text messages on every event.
  • Location information in the form of plain text or Equip-ID (equipment identifier) indicates where a problem originates.
  • Priorities indicate which events require an immediate response.
  • Competencies indicate who can rectify the problem.
  • The remedy provides a step-by-step guide to the solution.
  • Only current messages are displayed.
  • PVIS distinguishes between first failure and subsequent failure. Only first failures are displayed.
  • The user can modify and adapt preset messages.

The PVIS OPC (UA) server provides a standardised interface with visualisation systems.


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