Jan 30, 2018

Visualisation software PASvisu – now with data logging!

Version 1.5 of the web-based visualisation software PASvisu enables you to log variables. The new release is available immediately.

We have added new functions to the visualisation software PASvisu for you. With Version 1.5 you can now log variables in no time! Three different methods can be used for data logging:

Periodic data logging

The values of the PASvisu variables are saved at configured intervals (polling interval). Data logging can be activated or deactivated using a variable.

Data logging when data are changed

At configurable intervals, PASvisu checks whether the value of a specific variable has changed. If this is the case, the values will be saved. Activation or deactivation can be performed using a variable.

Triggered data logging

Triggered by a boolean variable (can assume the values TRUE or FALSE) the recording of variable values is initiated. Whenever the value of the variables switches from FALSE to TRUE, the variables are recorded and stored.

Further functions of the software version 1.5 of PASvisu

  • Data export: Export option of the PVIS log via CSV file
  • Display of documents On PC-based PASvisu systems, the documents created in PASvisu can be displayed in the pdf viewer.
  • Simple operation and maintenance Changing the properties of several elements with only one click, additionally configurable design elements
  • User management: Users can be added or removed in runtime, each user can be assigned a language.
  • Configuration of tiles: Tiles can be arranged freely in the design time.
  • Feedback button: In case of a change, a defined tile can display a relevant message via the new feedback button (e.g. "Motor started").


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