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Safety relay/safety relays PNOZ

PNOZ – The optimum safety solution for each requirement

Safety relays PNOZ

The safety relays PNOZ monitor safety functions such as E-STOP, safety gates, light barriers, light grids, two-hand controls, pressure sensitive mats, speed, standstill and much more too. Every day, PNOZ safety relays prove themselves in millions of applications worldwide.

In 1987 Pilz patented the first emergency stop relay to protect man and machine. That was a milestone in safety technology. PNOZ safety relays quickly progressed to be the world’s most commonly used safety relays. The PNOZ brand is now synonymous with safety relays. PNOZ – The original!

Continual development led from these simple devices to the configurable small control systems PNOZmulti, the worldwide safety standard for machinery.

Count on the standard in safety technology – Your benefits

  • International certification
  • High plant availability and short downtimes thanks to convenient diagnostic options on the device
  • Faster commissioning and simple wiring through units with plug-in terminals
  • Complete solutions comprising evaluation devices, compatible sensor technology and control and signal devices
  • Maximum safety, up to performance level “e” of EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL CL 3 of IEC 62061
Benefits of the safety relays PNOZ

The features of our safety relays at a glance

The features of our safety relays at a glance

Our safety relays are distinguished by a variety of supply voltage ranges, the number of safety contacts, the number of terminals or the ability to plug in terminals. Based on their different features and functionalities, our products can be divided into the following product groups:


  • Maximum functionality in minimum width
  • Operating modes and times are selectable
  • Scalability thanks to modular structure


  • Tailor-made safety for each function
  • Electromechanical, potential-free
  • With universal power supply


  • Square, simple, yellow
  • Ideal for manufacturers of production machines with high unit outputs
  • Basic function of a safety application


  • Easy to link
  • Non-wearing
  • Expanded diagnostics


  • High loads from 8 A to 16 A
  • Switch motor loads directly
  • Modular output contacts

Save costs with push-in technology

Save costs with push-in technology

The unit types with push-in technology offer a great advantage in terms of both economy and safety. They help you to reduce costs through short commissioning and service times.

The following product ranges are available with push-in, spring-loaded terminals:

  • Safety relays PNOZsigma, PNOZ X, PNOZcompact, PNOZelog
  • Monitoring relays PMDsigma
  • Line inspection devices PLIDdys
  • Small control systems PNOZmulti 2, PNOZmulti Mini, PNOZmulti

Easy to service through simple operation

Easy to service through simple operation
  • Connection of all conventional conductors with or without wire end sleeve
  • Simple, fast wiring
  • Dual connectivity per pole, can be opened individually or both simultaneously (an advantage when installing or altering the wiring)
  • Save costs when exchanging units, as there's no need to rewire, thus eliminating potential wiring errors
  • Separate opening for checking the voltage
  • Coded plugs for easy, reliable installation and increased handling safety during servicing
  • Maintenance-free thanks to defined clamping force.Unlike screw terminals, no need for regular retightening; no subsequent costs for retightening of terminals
  • Great contact security, even when faced with heavy shock and vibration
  • Looping through of potential is easily possible

The optimum safety relay for every application

In addition to the classic E-STOP function, the safety relays now monitor safety gates, light barriers, two-hand controls, pressure sensitive mats, muting, standstill, speed and many other safety functions.




Do you require further information? Please read chapter 5.1! The english Safety Compendium offers knowledge around machine safety.

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The classic emergency stop function

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