A retrofit means the upgrade of a machine to the current state of the art. For example, presses in particular tend to have a longer service life than other machines. After many years of service, safety defects can arise; protective measures are obsolete or are manipulated. While the mechanical components are still completely intact, the control and drive technology may now be outdated. A retrofit upgrades the press to the current state of the art and considerably increases productivity.

Retrofit to use older machines for longer

When retrofits are planned and implemented on a sound basis, older machines can be equipped with the latest electrical, control and safety technology. The costs are considerably less than buying new. The retrofit not only make your press safe again, but also increase productivity and availability. The upgrade pays for itself in no time, as production will once again be running smoothly and efficiently.

Retrofit for safe, economical operation

A comprehensive technical and system analysis decides which elements need to be included in the retrofit and what the potential technical modifications mean in terms of safe, economical operation. Upgrading a machine generally involves a new risk assessment and CE marking.


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