International and national standards (IEC, ISO, DIN, …)

What are standards?

Standards are documented, generally voluntary agreements which establish the criteria for products, services and procedures. Standards can be used to guarantee that products and services are fit for purpose, comparable and compatible.


International standards – published by IEC and ISO

Standards in Europe – Development of an EN IEC or EN ISO standard

The EN standards are applied at European level. They are normally developed at the initiative of the EU by the European standards organisations CEN and CENELEC. (CEN and CENELEC build the framework for all the national standards organisations in Europe.) CEN and CENELEC also divide out the standards (CENELEC: Electrical and electronic engineering. CEN: Mechanics). Today, many standards are developed almost in a package as an IEC or ISO standard in co-operation with the EU via CEN and CENELEC. EN IEC or EN ISO standards are the result of these efforts. Standards in Europe are subdivided into what are termed A, B and C standards.

Do you require further information? Please read chapter 3.4! The English Safety Compendium offers knowledge around machine safety.

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