CE marking

If a machine has been used in production for a long time, does it need to be modified so that it complies with the new MD?

In principle, initially there is no mandatory retrofitting for machines that have been certified to the "old" MD, provided they have not undergone a significant change
in the context of the Product Safety Act (ProdSG) .

However, if it is actually the case that only the manufacturer's declaration is available for your machine, then it is always mandatory for this machine to undergo a conformity assessment procedure. The manufacturer's declaration says that it is partly completed machinery in the context of the MD, which the integrator is making into a complete machine.

From the operator's perspective, all machines are governed by the industrial safety regulations (BetrSichV). This requires a hazard assessment for all power-driven work equipment (machinery), so that its safety is analysed at regular intervals. If any safety defects are established, they need to be rectified.



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