Operational safety

What constitutes a competent person?

We speak of a competent person when this person has the necessary technical knowledge to inspect work equipment and plants that require monitoring. This specialist knowledge can be gained through vocational training, professional experience and recent professional activity. The person should also have a reliable understanding of safety-related matters (see also §2 Para. 7 of BetrSichV).

The necessary technical knowledge may vary due to the complexity of the various tests.

Professional experience assumes that the competent person has handled work equipment comparable with the equipment to be tested for a documented time in his professional life and is familiar with its functionality in the scope required for testing.

Recent professional activity consists of appropriate continuing training, e.g. competent person training courses, and the conducting of several tests per year to maintain practical skills. If skills are not maintained in practice, it will be necessary to regain experience and the necessary technical knowledge by attending third-party inspections. A competent person must also be familiar with the technical requirements of the industrial safety regulations and the technical requirements of other state health and safety regulations, accident insurance regulations and other provisions (e.g. standards), to such an extent that he is able to assess that work equipment is safe.



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