Collision measurement set PRMS for human-robot collaboration

Comprehensive carefree rental concept for validating your HRC applications

Collision measurement set PRMS for human-robot collaboration

Human-robot collaboration: There's no such thing as a safe robot, only a safe robot application!

The growing interaction between human and robot requires new solutions in the field of robotics. The Pilz Robot Measurement System PRMS helps you work towards a safe and standard-compliant human-robot collaboration (HRC) in accordance with the specifications of ISO/TS 15066. With the collision measurement set PRMS you validate human-robot applications by determining the power and force that occur in a possible collision.

Thanks to our comprehensive carefree concept you always work with the latest product for collision measurement. There is an option to either buy or rentPRMS. Software updates and regular calibration guarantee consistently standard-compliant measurements.

See the collision measurement set PRMS in action: Standard-compliant collision measurement in accordance with ISO/TS 15066

Human-robot collaboration places high demands on safety because human and robot share a common working space without a safety fence.
The technical specification ISO/TS 15066 was published for the protection of the operator. In accordance with ISO/TS 15066, pain thresholds must be taken into account in technique 4 HRC applications (without safety fences) in the event of a potential collision. If the contact between human and robot remains within the defined limits, it conforms to the standard. The relevant measurements are therefore required in every human-robot application. Watch the video to find out more about PRMS!

Functionality of the collision measurement set

Force measurement

The force measurement device is equipped with springs and sensors to measure the forces exerted on the human body.
The nine different springs have different spring force constants and are used in force measurement to recreate the various body regions.

Pressure measurement

Pressure indicating films are used to measure the local pressure and compare it with the limit values specified in the standard.
A convenient software tool is available for validating and digitalising force measurements and for generating test reports. 

Collision measurement using PRMS

Comprehensive carefree concept

Collision measurement set PRMS
  • Rent or buy - as needed
  • *1-day practical product training
  • Force measurement device PRMS
  • Pressure indicating films
  • Compression elements
  • Scanner for evaluating the pressure indicating films
  • Sophisticated after sales package – including calibration and software updates
  • Robust carry case

*Product training is included when you buy the PRMS Set. When you rent the PRMS Set, the price of the product training depends on the rental period.

PRMS helps you work towards a safe robot application

  • Standard-compliant measurement of force and pressure
  • Precise validation
  • Practical application
  • Standardised measurement procedure
  • Realistic assessment of workstations
  • Simple to use thanks to handy measuring elements
  • Software with protocol tools – for simple evaluation, visualisation and documentation
  • Flexible to adapt to environmental conditions, e.g. due to freely accessible springs

Features of the collision measurement set

PRMS in detail
  • Robust workmanship
  • High-quality components
  • Freely accessible springs
  • Licensed software incl. protocol tools

Product range: Collision measurement set PRMS

PRMS collision measurement set

The collision measurement set PRMS is used during validation of human-robot collaborations and serves to record the force and pressure that would result if a collision were to occur. PRMS is available to buy or rent.

PRMS spare parts

The spare parts for the collision measurement set PRMS include springs, pressure indicating films and compression elements, as well as a scanner and calibration sheet.

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