PSS 3000 function blocks

Simple programming using function blocks

PSS 3000 function blocks

Over 100 function blocks make it easier to implement safety-related and/or standard control functions in the user software. You simply have to enter your plant-specific parameters – programming work is reduced. Depending on the area of application, we offer function blocks for safety-related applications or for standard control functions.

Please note that, owing to technical progress, we will be gradually withdrawing the PSS 3000 control systems from our product range. The successor controllers from the automation system PSS 4000 are available as a replacement. These are programmed using the software platform PAS4000. They also provide a large selection of function blocks!

Software platform PAS4000

The innovative software platform PAS4000 of the automation system PSS 4000manages all editors and makes the system easier to handle. This software allows simple configuration and programming of your automation projects.

Our portfolio: PSS 3000 function blocks


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