Safe speed monitoring with PNOZ s30

The stand-alone speed monitor PNOZ s30 ensures safe speed monitoring on your machines. The PNOZ s30 is suitable for safe monitoring of speed, standstill, position and direction of rotation, as well as speed range monitoring and broken shear pin monitoring on drives, for example.

Speed monitoring applications

Speed monitor PNOZ s30

Using the speed monitor PNOZ s30, you comply with the Machinery Directive with respect to the requirement in drive monitoring to safely monitor and maintain the operating status of the drive when the drive is shut down, thus protecting the operators.

The speed monitor PNOZ s30 can be used in a wide range of applications and for monitoring a variety of functions. The user-friendly configuration is performed directly on the device or alternatively using the PNOZsigma Configurator. Typical applications for speed monitoring are balancing machines, high rack storage systems, centrifuges, filling systems, wind turbines or amusement parks. The safety functions that can be monitored in accordance with EN 61800-5-2 are listed below.

Speed monitoring using PNOZ s30 – Your benefits

  • User-friendly configuration via PNOZsigma Configurator
  • Parameter entry and diagnostics via illuminated display
  • Advance warning of shutdown when a defined threshold is reached
  • "Auto reset" when switching parameter sets while monitoring direction of rotation and position
  • Contact expansion PNOZ s22
  • Safety functions in accordance with EN 61800-5-2
  • "Synchronous start" possible for all outputs
  • "Non-retriggerable" as newly selectable off delay time
  • Can be used in lifts in accordance with the standards EN 81-20 / EN 81-50

PNOZsigma Configurator

The speed monitor is configured quickly and easily with the PNOZsigma Configurator or directly on the device via the illuminated display. The standards EN ISO 13849-1 up to PL e and EN IEC 62061 up to SIL CL 3 are met.

The safety functions are implemented in accordance with EN 61800-5-2.

More about the PNOZsigma Configurator

Speed monitor safety functions in accordance with EN 61800-5-2

Safe speed range (SSR)

Safe monitoring of the speed range (SSR – Safe speed range) is achieved through a combination of safe monitoring of the maximum speed – "Safely limited speed (SLS)" and safe monitoring of the minimum speed – "Safe speed monitor" (SSM). Safe monitoring of the speed range is defined by the monitored speed having to move within a corridor of a minimum and maximum speed.

Safe direction (SDI)

Safe monitoring of the direction of movement (SDI – Safe direction) guarantees that a drive only moves in the defined direction. Any deviation of the direction is safely detected and the relevant reaction is triggered. A practical application of monitoring of safe direction of movement is in cases where a danger zone is made accessible while a machine is moving in a safe direction.

Safe speed monitor (SSM)

The safe speed monitor (SSM) signals when the speed falls below a defined minimum speed. This may be used to make a danger zone accessible when the speed falls below a specified speed, for example. In contrast, the "safely limited speed" function (SLS) signals when a defined maximum value is exceeded.

Safe operating stop (SOS)

Safe monitoring of the operating stop (SOS – Safe operating stop) guarantees safe position monitoring. Monitoring of standstill or a defined position window is guaranteed, depending on the configuration. Leaving the defined range triggers an appropriate error reaction.

Safe speed range (SSR)

Safe speed range (SSR)

Safe direction (SDI)

Safe direction (SDI)

Safe speed monitor (SSM)

Safe speed monitor (SSM)

Safe operating stop (SOS)

Safe operating stop (SOS)

Application examples

Working safely with the guards open

The ability to work safely with the guard open leads to:

  • Reduced setup times as there is a better insight into the setup area
  • Greater work safety by guaranteeing that the direction of movement corresponds to the selected jog function
  • Greater work safety as a result of safely limited setup speeds
Safe operating stop (SOS and SS2)

Safe operating stop (SOS and SS2) leads to higher productivity because:

  • Axis synchronisation is maintained
  • Plants are restarted quickly and more easily
  • Safety level is higher as the plant is protected against unexpected restart

Contact expansion with PNOZ s22 – Twice as good

Contact expansion with PNOZ s22
  • 2 relay functions that can be controlled separately in accordance with PL e, EN ISO 13849-1, a total of 6 instantaneous safety contacts (N/O) and 2 instantaneous auxiliary contacts (N/C)
  • 3 safety contacts and 1 auxiliary contact can be controlled separately so that different functions can be assigned to the outputs, depending on the base unit PNOZ s30.
  • Safe separation between the two relay functions enables different potentials to be switched


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