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The best gate safeguard or access control is worthless if unauthorised access to your machine is possible via the network. We can offer you a coherent machine access concept, which takes into account not only the safety of your machine, but also its industrial security. Here we've compiled a potential solution for secure access control!

Protects controllers from external manipulation - SecurityBridge Firewall

How can you protect the safety functions on your production or industrial plant from unauthorised access, manipulation and unauthorised modifications? With the SecurityBridge Firewall from Pilz! In the video, Nils Bücker, Product and Technology Manager for Communication and Platforms at Pilz, will explain how you can protect your plant and machinery so that only authorised personnel have access and manipulation of control systems via external attacks is prevented. This is absolutely essential in the age of the Industrial Internet of Things, with increased networking between production and industrial plants, even across borders.

Access permission on an HMI system

HMI systems on plants are used to visualise and control machine processes and must be protected from unauthorised access. This is all too often neglected in practice.
In the video, Christoph Baumeister, Product Manager for Operating, Monitoring and Tools at Pilz, will explain how to use the access permission system PITreader and corresponding RFID keys to guarantee that all users are able to activate the exact functions that match their qualifications as well as the task in hand. And how the assignment of individual roles and permissions can also contribute towards quality assurance and productivity increases.

Access permission on a safety gate

Machines are generally safeguarded using safety fences and safety gates. They are designed to protect operators from hazardous movements and guarantee the plant's productivity.
In this video, Christoph Baumeister, Product Manager for Operating, Monitoring and Tools at Pilz, explains why user authentication has an important role to play even when safeguarding safety gates. See how to implement access permissions in practice using the pushbutton unit PITgatebox with integrated PITreader. And how to guarantee comprehensive safety gate guarding with the modular safety gate system.

Access permission and functionally safe operating mode selection

On lots of plant and machinery it is necessary to switch safely between various operating modes. In practice this means switching between automatic and setup mode or also switching to service mode, for example.
In this video, Christoph Baumeister, Product Manager for Operating, Monitoring and Tools at Pilz, will tell you what to look out for and explain how you can use PITmode fusion or PITreader and PNOZmulti 2 for access permission and safe operating mode selection. Of course all of this is available with individual permissions on modern RFID keys, without mechanical keys.

Functionally safe operating mode selection with small controllers PNOZmulti 2 and access permission system PITreader

Watch the video to see the complete solution for monitoring functionally safe operating mode selection. The solution consists of the access permission system PITreader and the new operating mode selection function blocks MSO flex or MSO flex visu in the software tool PNOZmulti Configurator. You use the base unit PNOZ m B1 from the safe small controllers PNOZmulti 2 to read the selected operating mode. Permissions for selecting the operating modes are configured on the PITreader using the relevant RFID keys. By using the complete solution comprising PNOZmulti 2 and PITreader you can guarantee that only authorised, qualified personnel are able to safely switch operating modes. That way the operator is protected from the plant and the plant is protected from the operator. Safety and security in one!

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