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Issue 7 2023 / Jul. 27, 2023

Introducing the smallest safety controller PNOZmulti 2: the standalone base unit PNOZ m C0. The standalone base unit is extremely compact. With eight freely configurable safe inputs and four safe semiconductor outputs, it monitors up to four safety functions on machines. Read all about the advantages for your application! We’re also presenting the new Pilz Safety Distance Calculator – the right safety distance every time.
Set up safety-related control systems correctly

Discover the processes and standards that are important for the design and assessment of safety-related control systems. The focus here is on the standards for safety-related controllers: EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061. Expand your knowledge of design principles and how to calculate the safety integrity level and performance level.
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PITmode fusion: Application at MTU Aero Engines

Operating mode selection and access permission system PITmode fusion increases Safety and Security on crack testing machines from Rhode + Wagner
Calculate the right safety distance

We provide support for calculating the safety distance on safety light curtains with our Pilz Safety Distance Calculator. The necessary distance is calculated based on EN ISO 13855 and your information. Then the right products for you are displayed directly.
The smallest safety controller PNOZmulti 2 – Standalone base unit PNOZ m C0

The standalone base unit is extremely compact at just 22.5 mm width. With eight freely configurable safe inputs and four safe semiconductor outputs, it monitors up to four safety functions on machines. Depending on the application, it can be used to implement safety requirements up to PL e / SIL CL 3. The new standalone base unit makes your machines safe and economical!


How can automated guided vehicles and vehicle systems be used safely?

Discover how an AGVS can be integrated safely into an existing outflow system! Expand your knowledge of typical risk reduction measures as well as the use of various safety strategies. The training is aimed at all specialist staff responsible for machinery safety on new and existing AGV, as well as AGV manufacturers, integrators and users. From correct application and implementation through to assessment and evaluation - Pilz keeps you on the safe side!


Protecting people at Pilz

All over the world, automation solutions from Pilz protect humans in mechanical engineering, intralogistics, railway technology or robotics from potential hazards that arise in the production process or in the production environment. Humans and their safety take centre stage at Pilz.